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This site provides information on the European Migration Network (EMN) and its ongoing activities, and keeps its reports and studies available for download. On this page you may also obtain detailed information on any particular enterprise carried on by EMN, simply by selecting the appropriate option on the menu.

The European Migration Network (EMN) was officially established by Council Decision (2008/381/EC).

Its main purpose is to collect, analyse and disseminate objective, reliable and comparable information on immigration and asylum, with a view to supporting policymaking in the European Union in those fields.

EMN is composed of National Contact Points (NCPs) that represent the Member States, and by the European Commission, that coordinates the works and guarantees the political priorities in the fields of immigration and asylum.

Amongst other functions, each NCP sets up a National Migration Network in the respective Member-State, composed by organisms or individuals with relevant responsibilities and high impact in the fields of migration and asylum. The Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service is the Portuguese National Contact Point for the European Migration Network.

This website was created and is managed by the Immigration and Border Service in its capacity as National Contact Point for the European Migration Network.